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Expansive Education

Our certifications have been comprehensively designed by industry leaders who have an extensive resume of marketing experience - resulting in both career and business success.

Industry Collaboration

The 'Digital Industry Advisory Committee' is the educational benchmark for a career in digital marketing. The committee members are some of the industries most distinguished experts.

In-Demand Skills

You will learn the in-demand skills that leading brands, innovative tech companies and business owners are looking for when hiring digital marketing professionals.  

We are at the forefront of digital marketing education

In 2019, global digital marketing spend is estimated to surpass 304 billion USD and $335 billion by 2020.

We provide our students with the education and skills necessary to take advantage of this global trend. Ultimately, we aim to provide aspiring digital marketing professionals with the right academic and strategic foundations for starting a career in digital marketing.

Academic Experience

The Institute has a distinctive online academic structure; students and educators benefit from being part of an internationally-renowned digital marketing institution with formalised certification pathways.

The Institute values and fosters thorough scholarly research and education in the field of digital marketing. Students can expect a strong foundation of academic learning as the primary aspiration of their study. This foundation, supported with practical knowledge, has presented the Institute as a leader within the industry for those who aspire to establish themselves as a digital marketing professional.


  • The Institute offers flexible and self-paced courses, with continuous online courses throughout each year.
  • The Institute provides learning support for students; empowering students with the opportunity to learn, discuss and examine the subjects via our e-Learning platform.
  • In collaboration with the 'Digital Industry Advisory Committee' (DIAC), the Institute determines the academic content and structure of the digital marketing courses and distributes the online education material for its students.
  • The Institute presents and administers the graded assessment material and ensures adherence and compliance with the certification process.
  • In collaboration with the 'Digital Industry Advisory Committee', the Institute establishes the academic benchmarks and awards certifications to participating students.


Industry Collaboration with the 'Digital Industry Advisory Committee'.

The committee embodies some of the world's most distinguished digital marketing professionals who review and approve all Institute certification units and graded assessments.

By providing an expert panel and guidance consistently, the committee warrants that the Institute's certified professionals possess the most relevant and up-to-date digital marketing skills and knowledge required to succeed in the field.

The Committee's primary purpose is to contribute:

  • Industry validation of the certification curriculum via an iterative examination process.
  • Industry strategy and management advice on professional certification pathways.
  • Sustain and monitor the Institute's overall administrative direction and adherence to industry best practices.
  • Continue to advise critical stakeholders for the benefit of continually improving the standardised industry framework.
  • The Council includes an independent chair and members from a wide range of various digital capacities, including academics, business people, and company representatives.

The educational standards of the 'International Institute of Digital Marketing' and the 'Digital Industry Advisory Committee' are not underpinned by any International or National Government legislation.


The International Institute of Digital Marketing (IIDM) is an organisation dedicated to raising the standard of digital marketing education globally.

A standardised certification Framework identifies and describes the critical skills and level of competency of a credentialed digital marketing professional.

This Framework is administered internationally, and importantly provides a source of authorisation for professional certifications inside the Digital Marketing Industry.

This criteria assists graduates, educators and companies to further understand a digital marketing professional's level of competency more accurately. Additionally providing an outline for understanding an individuals levels of competency - on an international basis.

In addition, it relates these certifications to positions and jobs within the public and private sectors, and it allows all parties to understand the standardised certification pathway, the skills, competencies and assessment methods.

This Certification Framework supports principal stakeholders to reach informed decisions based on core competency levels when choosing and hiring digital marketing professionals.


Upon successful completion of an IIDM internationally accredited course, students will be issued with a formally credentialed certification to acknowledge graduation.


All IIDM accredited course graduates qualify to become a ‘credentialed member’ of the ‘International Institute of Digital Marketing’ with an annual fee of AUD 149.


The course admissions process is coordinated by the Institute, who are ultimately responsible for admitting students.

If you are interested in studying for a 'Professional Certification in Digital Marketing' with the Institute, please refer to our course information page for prospective students.

Professional Certification in Digital Marketing

After completing an IIDM accredited course, you will receive a credentialed certificate. Your certificate can be formally verified and recognised online. Additionally, it can easily be shared securely with prospective employers, on your CV, LinkedIn profile and other social media platforms.

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