An Internationally Standardised Framework

A commitment to excellence within the digital marketing industry.

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Industry Endorsed by the 'Digital Industry Advisory Committee' (DIAC).

The 'Digital Industry Advisory Committee' (DIAC) has set the educational benchmark by establishing a globally standardised pathway for those looking to pursue a career in the digital marketing industry.

The committee is a diverse range of top-level marketing and education professionals committed to maintaining the global standard of excellence within the digital marketing industry.

The committee provides a unified voice for the digital marketing industry as a whole for discussions on the advancement of industry education and code of conduct. This platform is ideal for exchanging information and best practices within the field.

The committee meets twice annually to evaluate emerging industry trends, share the latest industry research and discuss topics of concern. 

The committee recognises that digital marketing professionals share a common interest in promoting consumer confidence and respect for the general standards within the digital marketing industry.


The committee has formally examined, collaborated and endorsed the 'International Institute of Digital Marketing' (IIDM) course units, subjects, knowledge test and graded assessments, including relevant educational frameworks.


The committee operates on the premise that digital marketing should remain legal, ethical and trustworthy, developed with a spirit of social accountability to the consumer and community as a whole and with due respect to the rules of free market competition.

Standards are maintained by establishing principles and ethics of best practice to which the committee voluntarily agree to be bound.


The committee supports the digital marketing industry by monitoring industry trends, best practices and standards and ensuring our educational pathways meet the standards set out by the committee on a collaborative basis.


The committee aims to publish twice-annual meeting minutes, research and information in understandable forms of media; making general information freely available and directly accessible to those who maintain an interest.


The committee places a strong emphasis on both academic and practical digital marketing education. Their aim is that digital marketing professionals maintain a commitment to excellence, as demonstrated by a high standard of digital marketing education.


The committee members are formally invited, and are some of the most distinguished industry leaders and experts from around the globe, enabling them to make an invaluable contribution to digital marketing educational standards and the industry as a whole. All representative committee members have agreed to be bound by the 'Digital Industry Advisory Committee' (DIAC) code of ethics and governance policies; these policies are confidently distributed annually to all active council members and stakeholders.

Professional Certificate in Digital Marketing

After completing an IIDM accredited course, you will receive a credentialed certificate. Your certificate can be formally verified and recognised online. Additionally, it can easily be shared securely with prospective employers, on your CV, LinkedIn profile and other social media platforms.

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