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Frequently Asked Questions

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The International Institute Digital Marketing (IIDM) is an educational organisation dedicated to providing courses that raise the standard of digital marketing practices in Australia, and around the globe.

As a course provider, we assist in ongoing professional development, access to resources and other digital marketing professionals working within the industry. We support digital marketing professionals in developing their skills and show them how to make the most of their chosen profession.

As one of the most influential industry voices, the International Institute of Digital Marketing offers you the opportunity to continue to develop your skills and become more confident in your ability to succeed in digital marketing.

As the course is delivered online, you can enrol and start learning right away. Once you are enrolled, you will receive your login credentials to our student e-Learning portal. This way you can undertake your studies at your own pace from wherever you are – at home, at work, on holidays or anywhere you have access to the internet.

The ‘Professional Certification In Digital Marketing’ provides you with the skills and experience to start a new career in digital marketing or to compliment your current role. 

Our courses cover a clear digital marketing framework to give you a greater understanding of web development, landing pages, copywriting, branding, search engine optimisation and the high importance of social media advertising. You will be provided with a complete toolbox of templates to get you started.

Our courses are delivered online through our e-Learning student portal.

You will receive all your access details via email and can log into to view your materials and proceed through your course at your leisure.

You will also have access to our student support team, who will assist you in your studies via telephone or email. As part of your course studies, you are required to complete an open book multiple-choice assessment to demonstrate competency. You will complete the graded online assessment after completing the study materials in each unit.

A grade of 80% is required to pass the graded assessment. Upon passing the assessment, this completes the requirements for your graduation and IIDM certification.

You will have the opportunity to retake the assessment until you pass. 


Minimum age:
You will need to be at least 18 years old.

This course requires you to read and refer to academic material, undertake a range of multiple-choice knowledge tests and an assessment.

The delivery mode relies on the extensive use of written communication. As such, entry to the course requires a good standard of competency in verbal and written English.


A desktop or laptop computer.
A broadband internet connection.

To successfully complete an IIDM course, you will need basic computing skills, which include:

  • Creating, saving and editing Microsoft Office documents.
  • Accessing and searching the internet
    Downloading and saving documents from websites.
  • Uploading documents through websites.
  • Online participation. 

All your learning is conducted online through our e-Learning portal. If you need support from our education team, we are available to answer your queries via email. We are here to help you walk through any challenging parts of your study and successfully graduate. We are only ever a phone call or email away!

Our ‘Professional Certification In Digital Marketing’ is a 8-week short course composed of 8 units. 

Depending on the student's circumstances, and the time they can devote to the digital marketing units, they may be able to complete the course in as little as 8-weeks.

Students have up to 12 months from enrolment to complete the course.

However, if student circumstances change during this period, or there are exceptional reasons to why they need extra time, an application for an extension can be submitted to our student support team.

There are no guarantees, so we recommend that students progress in an appropriate timeframe to complete the course within 12 months.

Yes, you do.

Upon graduation, you will receive a ‘Professional Certification In Digital Marketing’. Your certificate will be issued to you on behalf of the ‘International Institute of Digital Marketing’.

Yes, you can. It is possible to secure a full-time salary as a digital marketing professional, at the time of writing this there are 1,878 digital marketing roles on seek.com.au that are offering over $100,000 plus per year in income.

You could also start a digital marketing agency providing a service for clients – charging an upfront establishment fee then a monthly retainer for reoccurring and predictable income.

Or you can consider digital marketing as your opportunity to create a secondary income stream to supplement your current income.

Additionally, if you are employed, digital marketing skills are a definite advantage within the workforce and may lead to increased promotion prospects.

The International Institute of Digital Marketing (IIDM) is an organisation dedicated to raising the standard of digital marketing education globally. 


Industry Collaboration with the 'Digital Industry Advisory Committee'.

The committee embodies some of the world's most distinguished digital marketing professionals who review and approve all Institute certification units and graded assessments.

By providing an expert panel and guidance consistently, the committee warrants that the Institute's certified professionals possess the most relevant and up-to-date digital marketing skills and knowledge required to succeed in the field.

The Committee's primary purpose is to contribute:

  • Industry validation of the certification curriculum via an iterative examination process.
  • Industry strategy and management advice on professional certification pathways.
  • Sustain and monitor the Institute's overall administrative direction and adherence to industry best practices.
  • Continue to advise critical stakeholders for the benefit of continually improving the standardised industry framework.
  • The Council includes an independent chair and members from a wide range of various digital capacities, including academics, business people, and company representatives.

The educational standards of the 'International Institute of Digital Marketing' and the 'Digital Industry Advisory Committee' are not underpinned by any International or National Government legislation.


The International Institute of Digital Marketing (IIDM) is an organisation dedicated to raising the standard of digital marketing education globally.

A standardised certification Framework identifies and describes the critical skills and level of competency of a credentialed digital marketing professional.

This Framework is administered internationally, and importantly provides a source of authorisation for professional certifications inside the Digital Marketing Industry.

This criteria assists graduates, educators and companies to further understand a digital marketing professional's level of competency more accurately. Additionally providing an outline for understanding an individuals levels of competency - on an international basis.

In addition, it relates these certifications to positions and jobs within the public and private sectors, and it allows all parties to understand the standardised certification pathway, the skills, competencies and assessment methods.

This Certification Framework supports principal stakeholders to reach informed decisions based on core competency levels when choosing and hiring digital marketing professionals.


Upon successful completion of an IIDM internationally accredited course, students will be issued with a formally credentialed certification to acknowledge graduation.


All IIDM accredited course graduates qualify to become a ‘credentialed member’ of the ‘International Institute of Digital Marketing’ with an annual fee of AUD 149.


The course admissions process is coordinated by the Institute, who are ultimately responsible for admitting students.

If you are interested in studying for a 'Professional Certification in Digital Marketing' with the Institute, please refer to our course information page for prospective students.

No. There are no government standards that regulate the digital marketing industry, and this is one of the reasons the ‘International Institute of Digital Marketing' was established. It is our mission to raise the standard and set a clear career pathway for those who wish to join the workforce in Australia and around the globe.

Therefore, as a non-accredited course, FEE-HELP is not available for our students. However, the course is designed to help you quickly develop your skills as a digital marketing professional. Providing you with the opportunity to start making some money as you learn and pay off your course as soon as possible.

We recommend gaining a comprehensive understanding of digital marketing first.

Once you graduate from our 'Professional Certification in Digital Marketing' course, you will have the foundational digital marketing and business knowledge to start a digital marketing agency.

Our course curriculum has comprehensive subjects that cover the numerous strategies we recommend to find and retain clients.

You will complete the course equipped with relevant knowledge on how to prepare a marketing plan – it is then up to you to put it into action.

Our practical online subjects will hone your skills and give you added confidence in your ability to market your business and obtain clients.

We accept Visa, MasterCard and Bank Transfers and PayPal as payment methods.

Yes there certainly is. If you are applying directly online, select the Payment Plan enrolment option for the course you wish to study.


Telephone and email assistance are provided during business hours Monday-Friday 9am-5pm (AEST). You will receive a response to your query that same day or if out of business hours, within 24 hours (weekends excluded).

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