What is the yearly salary in digital marketing?

Uncategorized May 06, 2018

The average yearly salary of a digital marketing professional is increasing at a good ratio due to the rising demand for professional marketers.

It is indeed a great time to become a part of this fast-moving industry. Digital Marketing is an industry that allows thousands of people to make an excellent living. New digital platforms and new toolkits added by top social media channels have also created more space for professionals to secure their place in the field.

According to Statista, digital spending in the United States in 2019 is 129.34 billion U.S. dollars, and it is expected to reach 201.83 billion U.S. dollars by 2023. This shows that the industry will continue with at full pace in the coming years, and digital marketing will also continue to see decent increments in the yearly income.

According to a reliable platform in the U.K., the average salary of a digital marketer in the U.K. is £26,567. However, some professionals are earning up to £60,000 in a year. The salary range of digital marketing experts depends on their skills, experience, and designation. A manager or director of an agency is likely to earn much more than a mid-level employee - and abilities will also distinguish a quality marketer from an ordinary one.

Traits of a Successful Digital Marketer

A good digital marketer will inevitably earn more than someone who is struggling with even soft digital marketing skills. It is relatively easy to enter the field by making use of different online resources and digital marketing training programs, but it happens to be a dedicated journey to reach the level of a professional.

Digital marketing is generally quite diverse and requires a range of hard and soft skills. Some of the soft skills that every digital marketer must learn include; leadership, forward-thinking, business-focus, and a curiosity to learn new things.

Understanding of social media is also fundamental because it is now considered as the game-changer for digital marketing. If you are a digital marketing expert and willing to earn more, you should pay attention to the latest strategies and techniques to make your social media campaigns successful.

To earn more money, it is also important to pursue ongoing training and continue the process of learning about new trends in the field. The best way to learn is to choose one facet (for instance, how to use automated chatbots on a site?) and pay all your attention to that. Hence carving out a niche to become 'expert' in.

Future of Digital Marketing Salaries

There are endless opportunities in the field of digital marketing, and with these opportunities continually emerging, the same (or better) possibilities are expected in the upcoming years. There are many digital marketing careers today that were not in existence ten years ago, and this is likely to be true in the future; meaning entirely new jobs we haven't yet even imagined.

Expansion is indeed happening in the digital marketing field, and more and more opportunities have presented themselves for both amateurs and experienced digital marketers.

So, what will be the future for digital marketing salaries? Well, the outlook seems very positive, especially for those who are continuously improving their skills and willing to invest more time and effort!

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