What is it Like to Work in a Digital Marketing Agency?

Working in a digital marketing agency is perhaps one of the most fun and rewarding experiences. If you are a person who likes a challenging culture that allows you to explore your creative side and develop new and innovative strategies for different brands, then working in a digital marketing agency might be perfect for you.

Digital marketing agencies can be a fast-paced environment where you will be required to work with different clients with sometimes vastly differing requirements.

The diverse nature of the work and type of clients means you will get to work with small and large clients during different stages of each digital marketing journey. During this time, you will be required to handle multiple jobs, such as develop strategies for your clients, create their content or manage their social media accounts - usually referred to as social media handles.

The role assigned to you will largely determine your experience of working in a digital marketing agency. For instance, if you are looking after the copy department, then your experience would entail writing copies for social media posts, developing big ideas for various campaigns, writing catchphrases, or defining the narrative of a newly established brand. All while coordinating with design, social media, and account management teams.

If you are working as a client services manager, then your primary responsibility would be to manage client expectations while coordinating with the relevant teams to ensure the work is completed, as promised, for your clients.

As a creative visualiser, you may be required to develop innovative concepts and breathe life into them via a variety of mediums from video, audio, photographs to illustrations.

Ultimately, the experience and exposure you will receive while working in a digital marketing agency is not entirely dependent on your job role but also depends on who you are as a person and how you adapt to working with a diverse range of cultures and clients.

Say, the digital marketing agency you are associated with is managed by a person who wants military-like-discipline in the agency, then no matter how much you enjoy being challenged by the work, or like the other perks, there may come a time when you will feel suffocated.

However, some digital marketing agencies may have an open environment policy in place, which means you can interact with whoever you wish and work at your pace without compromising on the quality of the deadline.

Mistakes You Should Avoid when working for a Digital Marketing Agency.

Now that you have an understanding of what it’s like to work for a digital marketing agency, here’s a list of mistakes to avoid ensuring that your time becomes memorable, fun and a great learning experience.

1. Creating a digital media campaign without taking into account the primary behaviour and preference of your target audience.

2. Not following the latest trends on social media.

3. Approving a social media post (artwork and caption) without checking the facts or information.

4. Not accepting your team member’s help when you could and should have, resulting in sub-par work.

5. Thinking that you know more about the brand than the client.

6. Not following the actual brief provided by the client.

7. Not keeping the client in the loop if there’s a delay in delivery.

8. Holding grudges with your team members when there is disagreement.

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